The GNU Privacy Guard is a GPL'ed implementation of the new OpenPGP standard (RFC 2440). It is mostly interoperable with PGP 5.0, uses no patented or otherwise restricted algorithms, and can be used legally just about everywhere (except perhaps France where a lot of crypto is just plain outlawed). I'm following the development closely, submitting bug reports and suggestions. I'm hoping to see some extensions put in place that will make it easy to, for instance, keep my private key on an iButton or in my Pilot.

My GPG public key is available here. Feel free to use it when you send me mail. Most of the files I make available for download are signed with it.

Mailcrypt + GPG

Mailcrypt is a package for Emacs that makes it easy to sign, encrypt, verify, and decrypt message in email or news. It removes all of the hassle from using encryption in your every day correspondence. Len Budney is the new maintainer of MailCrypt, having added support for PGP 5.0 in addition to the original PGP 2.6 .

I've added support for GPG to MailCrypt. It's working pretty well, and is now part of the standard distribution. For the latest version, check out the SourceForge Download Page. If you are using gpg-1.0.5 or later, make sure you are using mailcrypt-3.5.6 or later: mailcrypt-3.5.5 had a bug which made it continually complain that "this message is not addressed to you".


EGD development has been moved over to SourceForge. Please check there for news and updates. The distribution can also be downloaded from here.


Note that this is the first release signed with my new key (which is of course signed by my old key). You'll want to retrieve and verify my latest key to verify the signature on EGD.

Other Projects

A few other things I've been working on:
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