Perl Projects

Herein is a list of some of the perl widgets I've been working on. They are in various states of completion. Drop me a line if you've got an interest in any of these. I haven't submitted any of these to CPAN yet.. I haven't had a chance to discuss the naming issues with comp.lang.perl.modules yet.

Some of these modules are old and unloved, and there are others that I'm actively working on but haven't had the time to mention here.

Stuff that hasn't been worked on in a while

Stuff that's been gathering dust for years

Other Projects

shared hotlist, embedding perl into emacs. P4 (the version control system from Perforce). A module to do something useful with GPG, perhaps an encryption-agent.
My perl download area is in, anything that I've polished enough to release is in there. Some day (when I get things cleaned up and official names for everything) I'll register under PAUSE and then this directory will get copied to CPAN.
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