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2 May 00: Quiet

Unlike the real world, where silence means nothing is happening, here the silence means lots of stuff is happening and I don't have time to write about it all. A few brief notes: Hmm, ok, that was really really brief.

13 Sep 99: More Ashes

Give a man a fire, and he's warm for a day, but set him on fire, and he's warm for the rest of his life.
(if you missed my other Burning Man rants, follow the Archives link below to see them all)

Other ways to describe Black Rock City:

I think of it as a small, temporary city created from scratch, built to serve the needs of its voluntary inhabitants: a place to feel at home, a place of wild tolerance, and as the brochure says, a place of "Radical Self-Expression". I wore noisy, brightly colored shirts and got uniform compliments. I ran naked in the desert with a frisbee and people joined in the game. I laughed out loud, really out loud. On sunday someone in our camp said they felt like screaming: I screamed. They screamed. We all screamed. (resist..resist..). Then we heard echos from other camps, answering. It was cool.

And I met Mio. I wasn't trying to: I certainly didn't go there expecting to meet her. But I did, and found a kindred soul who becomes more astounding with each new hour I spend in contact with her. Ray wrote us a poem.. it's very sweet. And she sent me a tape of her brother's band, which included the lead singer of Bim Skala Bim. Strangely small world. Ok, I'll stop being sappy now.

Other bits: I got my pictures back, including a CD with all of them pre-scanned. The "Picture CD" format offered for $7/roll by the wolfe photomat is a bit weird; each is about 1000x1500, jpeg compressed about 10:1 even though the CD-R could have fit them all at more like 2:1. The quality is fairly good, but every image seems to have a dull white streak across it. Ah well, good enough for the web, saves me a lot of time scanning them in by hand.

Baked bread tonight.. it's cooling now and smells good. Also saw Laura, a classic film with Vincent Price as a slightly clumsy suitor instead of a slightly scary vampire. Almost bought a cheap guitar yesterday, I was heading for the bookstore to get a copy of John Barth's Lost In The Funhouse for Mio and got sidetracked into a music shop with a sale. Luckily they closed before I was able to make an impulse purchase. Had dinner with Deb and Alyssa on friday: Alyssa, the dear, found me a brand new Ian Banks novel that hasn't yet been published in the U.S. Whee! And I started Cryptonomicon.. I made it almost one half of one percent through tonight.

Ok, here are a few pictures:

Erik with soil anchors So basically we went into the desert to build a bar, described pretty well on Chuck's pages. Each room of the bar was to be held down by 40 soil anchors, each tested to hold about 1000 pounds. Here's Erik standing next to our soil anchor work (the tiny metal loops in the ground).
pretty sunset, big pink building with half a roof After several days of work, we had one building up and were working on the roof.
Erik tending bar Eventually we had a roof, and a second (roofless) building, and a makeshift bar. People came from miles around (miles being the radius of the city) to appreciate Erik in his gangster suit and sarong. Note the professional-looking roof above him.
brian with a knife, poor lion Me, about to perform painful surgery on a stuffed lion to enable it to fit more, um, snugly over the tent stakes. The tie-die sheets are visible in the corner.
Ok, that's enough for now.. more pictures later.

Update: the bread tastes *wonderful*...

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