iButton Kits

I've purchased two iButton kits and some other iButton stuff. Here are the prices and contents:
  1. The iButton Starter Kit (DS9092K, revision 4.0A, 5/15/97)

    Ordered May 1998 for $75.00 plus tax from Dallas (1-800-336-6933).


  2. The JavaButton Kit (DSJTK-001 Version 1.0)

    Ordered July 1998 for $50.00 plus tax from Dallas


  3. The DS1411


  4. The DS1820-PR35

    $5.43 each

    This is the solder-mount version of the DS1920 temperature iButton. It looks like a TO-92: a slightly-tall three-terminal plastic transistor case. One pin is ground, one is data, the third is an optional extra Vcc that could be useful if your One-Wire Bus driver can't supply the strong-pullup during the temperature conversion cycle.

Other information:

There is a price list for some iButton devices on the iButton site, you have to turn on JavaScript to see it. There are prices for the basic memory iButtons ($2.30 for single DS1990A id-only buttons, $12 for single 4kNVRAM buttons). It has some adapters, some goofy button holder stuff, and some nebulously-defined "kits" with unspecified contents. Call Dallas and ask them what's in the kits before you buy them. (and tell me so I can put more information here).

ftp://ftp.dalsemi.com/pub/ has some downloadable software. Of note:

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