Brian's GPG keys

I have one main GPG key for receiving email (0x11CAA07A).

pub   4096R/11CAA07A 2014-04-13
      A476 E2E6 1188 0C98 5B3C  3A39 0386 E81B 11CA A07A
uid                  Brian Warner (email) 
sub   4096R/70A31318 2014-04-13

The key contents are in warner-0x11CAA07A.txt, and can be imported with e.g. curl | gpg --import.

For code-signing (such as releases of Magic Wormhole and other software), I use a different key: 0x65497810:

pub   rsa4096 2015-03-04
      5810 F125 7F8C F753 7753  895A 8633 33C2 6549 7810
uid                  Brian Warner (code-signing) 
sub   rsa4096 2015-03-04

whose contents are in warner-0x65497810.txt, and can be imported with e.g. curl | gpg --import.

Until April 2014, I was using a shorter key for email: warner-0x73225AAF.txt (0x73225AAF).

There are also a handful of expired keys, including 0xD139CC4C, 0x4B71C44E, 0x03A5E108, and 0x1514A7BD.

For more info about GPG, check out the GPG Home Page. If you know me (and can verify that these keys came from me, perhaps because I handed you a business card with their fingerprints), please sign my keys and mail me a copy of the signature. These keys should work with both GPG and most recent versions of PGP.

The keys are also available on various keyservers, like .

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