% whois lothar.com
domain:         LOTHAR.COM
person:         Brian Warner
nic-hdl:        BW116-GANDI
address:        The Castle Lothar
reg_created:    1995-07-29 00:00:00

Ten years ago today, I registered my little personal domain, with a woman at best.com named Pandora, who was nicely amused by the "company name". In the intervening time, it has been through two registrars, three hosting companies, four IP addresses, and five server platforms. For a while it lived as a verio vhost, for a while it ran on a Cobalt Qube on the near end of a DSL line, and a mini-ITX board booting from a read-only USB drive. These days it is a UML slice at linode.com.

I keep meaning to do more with it, but overall I'm pretty happy just to have a little corner of the 'net that I can call home.