I just got back from PyCon. Highly inspirational as always, saw some fascinating projects and some thought-provoking keynotes. r0ml's talk in particular has me thinking about how to structure code as a narrative, trying to bring the world of human-to-human communication and the world of human-to-machine communication closer together. He had a lot fo say about parallels between the development of writing systems (the introduction of random-access pages in a book rather than linear-access scrolls, the use of standardized fonts, the use of spaces between words) and the development of programming languages.

I ran a Buildbot BOF, and had about 25 people show up! There are a lot of folks out there using this thing. Very gratifying.

I spent a few days sprinting, mostly working with Eric Mangold (aka teratorn) on a Buildbot plugin for Trac. It's starting to take shape nicely.

Also, I foolishly walked into a room where a bunch of people were playing a PyGame space-themed production game called Galcon, and stupidly installed it. It's amazingly addictive for such a straightforward game. Now I'm seeing little spaceships launching and crashing into planets every time I close my eyes. I'm hopeful that the hallucinations will only last a few days.