Must.. write.. more. I'm trying to get over the temptation to rewrite my blog software again (probably using Jekyll). My blog-yak-shaving process works like this: "Oh, here's an interesting idea, I should blog about it. But my blog software is kind of annoying, I should really rewrite it first. Maybe I'll do it in git this time. (/me goes to start rewriting it). Oh, look, it's already in git, I guess I've been over this before. Hm, what other ways might I put off actually writing english instead of python?".

Anyways. A few things of note from the last year:

  • my day job has me working on Jetpack, an SDK to make it easier/safer to build add-ons for Firefox (and other Mozilla applications)
  • node.js is looking interesting: like Twisted for Javascript
  • I still hack on Tahoe-LAFS each day on the train.
  • Bitcoin is my new fascination, a decentralized cryptographically-backed currency
  • I use Git everywhere I can.
  • Foolscap is still going strong. I've got a hack to let you push/pull Git over a FURL, but now that Git has "git-remote-helpers" support, I need to rewrite that hack.
  • My coworker Atul has a project named Pydermonkey which is a Python binding for the SpiderMonkey JS engine. I want to tie this into either Foolscap or Tahoe, to create a safe-remote-code-execution environment. I'm still trying to sort out how it ought to work (in particular, starting with what it might be good for).