I'm up to three machines running Linux full time: Also, on occasion, I run MkLinux on a 60MHz Power Macintosh 6100 called splunge. I haven't run it much since I got the Power Computing box. In fact, splunge is currently sitting in a box on the floor underneath my wire nest.

The rest of this is horribly out of date.

Mongo is my internet gateway, running NAT (known in the Linux world as "IP Masquerading") over a pacbell ADSL line that is up just slightly more often than it is down. But when it works, it's very fast. Mongo has two ethernet interfaces, and runs a non-global 10-net address on the inside. It's also locked down like crazy. If you do manage to break into it, please let me know how you did it so I can close the hole.

lothar, my Sparc IPC (SunOS 4.1.4) is still at Melissa's place, hiding in the closet, acting as her net gateway, talking to for IP connectivity.

Mail still collects at, and some scripts driven from luther on the inside of my network go grab it and feed most of it into INN. That provides me with a newsgroup interface to several mailing lists. Handy when you get 4MB of mail a day.

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