Well, luther was meant as a replacement for lothar, the Sun IPC that was acting as the net gateway in the old apartment. So I named it haphazardly, so that when I made the switch, luther would become lothar and lothar would become lather or leather or something similar. But then I moved and needed a new gateway. So mongo became the gateway and luther became my main console.

And a nice speedy console it is too. 350MHz AMD K6-2 (100MHz bus). Assembled out of bits and pieces from the nice and knowledgeable folks at PixelUSA, thanks to Phil for the recommendation. I wanted to have at least *one* cheapo x86-style PC to put the cheap peripherals in. One of the first bits was a $20 PCI sound card that works great. Another was the 13GB IDE drive that's already a third full of MP3s, as I slowly crush down my entire CD collection. I'm pondering some kind of frame grabber too, and maybe a backup mechanism of some sort.. CDR? DVD-R?

Oh, and it's the only box with a USB port, so I can do some USB-microcontroller hacking.

I might go ahead and change the name someday, but names have a way of becoming ingrained, you know?

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