Lojban: the Logical Language

Some brief lojban notes and copies of the tools I've built.

The lojban home page is at http://www.lojban.org/.

I have a perl module that can help look up lojbanic words. I use it to help create the databases for my Pilot program and am working on creating some flash-card programs out of it. Available here:

Lingua-Lojban-0.02.tar.gz (147k) (sig).

I've put together a PalmPilot program to help you look up gismu and rafsi. v0.4 allows searches by gismu or rafsi, and displays the place structure and rafsi for the selected gismu. There are three databases in addition to the main application, a total of about 110k. Binaries and source are available. To rebuild the databases will require my Lingua::Lojban module above.

Changes in v0.4:

Each tarfile or zipfile is signed with my GPG key.

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